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We are open for guided tours from Monday to Wednesday at 5 PM, and Thursday to Sunday at 12 PM and 2 PM. Please note that advance booking is necessary

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A Guided Tour of Belleek Castle

Are you interested in exploring the rich history of Ireland? Learn about the Knox-Gore family, the Earls of Arran, and the captivating story of Marshall Doran. We have an incredible opportunity for you! Introducing the Belleek Castle Tour – an unforgettable experience that will take you on a journey through time.

During this tour, you’ll get an in-depth explanation of the origins of the Castle and the history of its former owners. Discover the fascinating tale of Marshall Doran, an adventurer, sailor, and smuggler who restored Belleek Castle in the 1960s. You’ll see private dining rooms, decorated in an opulent romantic style, as well as rooms designed by Marshall himself, such as the Medieval Banquet Hall, the Spanish Armada Bar, and the Tween Deck.

The Marshall Doran Collection

The highlight of the tour is The Marshall Doran Collection, one of the finest collec-tions of Jurassic fossils, Medieval Weapons, and Medieval armor in Ireland. Imagine standing in awe as you see these rare and precious artifacts up close. You’ll also get to see Grace O’Malley “The Pirate Queen’s” bed, the last wolf shot in Connaught, and other curiosities.

Book Your Guided Tour of Belleek Castle & The Marshall Doran Collection

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history of Belleek Castle.  Book your Belleek Castle Tour now and discover the secrets of Ire-land’s past. We guarantee that this experience will leave you with memories that will last a life-time. Don’t wait, reserve your spot today!

We are now open daily at 12pm and 2pm for guided tours. Please note that advance booking is necessary

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